Instructions for SWISS TEAM GAMES on BBO Virtual Clubs


  • REGISTRATION begins 2 hours prior to game time and Ends 10 Minutes prior to game time - HOW TO REGISTER below
  • Have a Team?  PLEASE BE ONLINE AND fully registered AS A TEAM at least 10 minutes before game time
A Pairs with a player off-line will be UN-MATCHED by BBO when the game starts - teammates will be matched with another pair.  Once the game starts this CANNOT be changed.
  • No Team?  Un-matched pairs who are registered at game time will be RANDOMLY matched up by BBO at the start of the game.  If no pair available, robots or subs will be used, but you WILL play.  You may wait until the start or invite other pairs who are listed on the Select Teammates Tab.   The Director can assist in matching pairs as teammates - sign-up ASAP as a pair and inform VACB165159 DIR that they are in need of teammates.

HOW TO REGISTER -  Registering a team is a two-step process:

Step One Each pair of a team must register as a pair first.   -  Register your pair the same way you register for a pairs game.  The registered pairs will appear in the  “Select Teammates” Tab.   

Have a team - go to STEP 2.            No Team? - See above

Step Two – Invite another pair on “Select Teammates” tab. 

  • Only the player that issued an invitation to partner can issue an invitation to another pair in the “Select Teammates” tab.
  • Only the player that issued the invitation to partner can accept the invitation from another pair.
  • Once the two pairs make a team of 4 they will appear in the tournament under the “Entries” tab.
  • Number of boards will depend upon the number of teams but plan to play 28 boards at 5 or 6 minutes per board
  • Matches will happen automatically - BBO will first match you with a team that has close to your team’s combined masterpoints®.  Each subsequent match will be created by like VPs won.
  • Using the Danish Swiss rules, BBO allows replays between teams - you may play another team twice.

Rust Belt Bridge Group
Virtual Bridge Club on Bridge Base Online (BBO) for Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburgh and Buffalo bridge players.